Thursday, 21 October 2010

Doctor Who - The Mutants DVD Cover and Extras

A rough draft for the DVD release of ‘The Mutants’ in 2011 has been revealed via the Classic Doctor Who Twitter page, and shows a black-and-white version of the image which will appear on the cover.

The extras which will accompany the release have also been revealed in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine. The magazine also confirmed that 'The Mutants' will be a two-disc DVD release.

DVD Extras:

• Commentary – With Katy Manning, Garrick Hagon, Christopher Barry, Terrance Dicks, Bob Baker, Jeremy Bear and Broan Hodgson
• Mutt Mad – The Making of the Mutants
• Dressing Doctor Who – A discussion with James Acheson
• Race Against Time – Examining the representation of black actors on British television with Noel Clarke
• Photo Gallery – Production Photos from Filming
• Blue Peter – Clip from 1970s Blue Peter with Peter Purves

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