Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures Complete Series 4 Viewing Figures

The viewing figures for the sixth story in Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, ‘Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith’, showed that the programme once again received strong ratings on the CBBC channel.

Part One of this story attracted an audience of 1.34 million viewers in total, with Part Two achieving 1.39 million viewers.

The Nightmare Man – 0.87m, 1.05m
The Vault of Secrets – 1.16m, 1.10m
Death of the Doctor – 1.40m, 1.43m
The Empty Planet – 1.50m, 1.39m
Lost in Time – 1.57m, 1.22m
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith – 1.34m, 1.39m

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