Monday, 13 December 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 Pandorica Action Figures

The official Forbidden Planet website has revealed that there will be a new action figure set with figures associated with the Pandorica. The 6 figures in the set include the Eleventh Doctor with a fez and mop, Amy Pond, a Silurian Warrior, a Roman Soldier, a Weeping Angel holding the Doctor’s coat, and the Guard Cyberman. All of the figures come with a part of the Pandorica which can be built once all parts are collected.

However, this set contains two large errors as the figures are meant to be associated with the Pandorica. The first mistake is that Amy is wearing the completely wrong costume, as Character Options are only re-releasing the figure with her costume from ‘Victory of the Daleks’. The second mistake is that the Guard Cyberman has two arms, despite him only being shown with one. Also, the helmet was closed when connected to the rest of the body.

These new figures are available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet either separately at the price of £8.99, or as a set for £53.94, and are expected to arrive at their warehouse on 20th December 2010.

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