Thursday, 25 November 2010

Doctor Who Game 'The Mazes of Time' News

It has been announced that a brand new Doctor Who game will be released for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad for Christmas, with mobile games designer Tag Games unveiling ‘The Mazes of Time’.

The game will allow the player to take on the role of either the Eleventh Doctor or Amy Pond, and play action puzzles where the time travellers race to save a family that has been attacked by a rogue Dalek. The story is written by Oli Smith, who was also responsible for the recent Nintendo games ‘Evacuation Earth’ and ‘Return to Earth’.

The Head of Games Technology, Robert Henning, said: “Doctor Who is the UK's number one science fiction property, and I think it is in the BBC's top three for worldwide sales, so it is great to bring it to Dundee. Since we were established we have never done a game for ordinary retail — it has always been digital distribution. The digital model allows us to talk directly to our customers, so it is quite different from the traditional games model. We can get feedback from our customers and change and adapt things.”

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