Saturday, 6 November 2010

Doctor Who Exclusive DVD Scene 2

The second exclusive scene to be included as a special feature in the Series 5 boxset is now available to watch above, and sees Amy Pond quizzing the Doctor on his previous companions between ‘Flesh and Stone’ and ‘The Vampires of Venice’.


Philip Corsius said...

Uhm... Is it just me or are these two DVD scenes more interesting than almost all series 5 Doctor - Amy moments? Honestly, this is the good stuff! Steven, Steven, Steven, why did you leave all this out of the actual episodes? This is exactly why I like the four-and-a-half Russell T Davies series better than the first Moffat one: emotion! Playfulness between the Doctor and the companion while in fact talking about the very core of the mythos! This isn't the stuff you leave out, it's the stuff you emphasize! Girl gets hitched by 907-year old time traveller. This is the conversations they'd be having, this is what connects us, the viewers, to the fairy tale world! This is precisely that heartfelt connection I've been missing.

Anyway, I suppose it's cool we get to see it somehow. And I did enjoy series 5 a lot. But yeah, for some strange reason, the bit I've been missing suddenly shows up this way.

Oh, look at me, I've become a complaning fan... Bugger!

Blink said...

I see your point, although I think that Moffat may have left this out of the original as almost every Doctor and companion have had the same conversation, so he wanted to be a bit different.

Philip Corsius said...

You've got a point. But these scenes have more than enough original elements to not be a repetition of what we know. Still, even if it was - I personally prefer to have my James Bond with the trademark vodka martini, self-introduction, Q... Some things are part of it. It's what makes the new recognisably part of the existing. For me, at least.

And the Doctor making a Rory nose is just priceless. Heh.

Anyway, I'm very glad we get to see this!

Blink said...

Yeah, they were both quite funny! Although I'm still not sure why Amy suduced the Doctor! lol