Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Doctor Who Day: Forty-Seventh Anniversary

Today is the forty-seventh anniversary of Doctor Who, which began in 1963 with William Hartnell as the First Doctor. Although the show has changed a lot since the early days, the main themes and concepts have remained the same, which has ensured that the programme continues to be loved by new generations.

As well as celebrating the past of the show on this Doctor Who Day, we should also look forward to the future of the programme, with the broadcast of the Christmas Special now just over a month away.

Wherever you are today, I set you the challenge of watching at least one Doctor Who story. It can be from any era of the show, and can star any of the eleven actors to have played the role. My personal choice of the day will be a cracking story to get myself in the festive spirit, ‘The Unquiet Dead’.

Happy Doctor Who Day!

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