Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Doctor Who Tardis Extension for Series 6

The Doctor Who fan blog ‘Doctor in the Tardis’ has reported that the next series of the show will feature an extension to the TARDIS interior, although it may only consist of a few more corridors. The only rooms to have been shown in the newly designed TARDIS for Matt Smith’s Doctor are the Console Room and the Drawing Room.

“A few days ago I told about how I had received word that a new set had been built for an extension to the TARDIS console room, for filming during series 6, but now it seems that although we will be getting more TARDIS interior, it had indeed been filmed in a steel works and will only appear as corridors.

If true, then it is likely that the scenes were/will be filmed in Port Talbot steel works, which is about 30 minutes outside of Cardiff and the only one in the area. It seems that whether its a new room, or some new corridors, the likelihood of seeing more of the TARDIS is looking ever more positive.”

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