Saturday, 23 October 2010

Doctor Who Series 6 – Mark Gatiss Rumoured to Play the War Chief

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine featured a Production Notes articles with Neil Gaiman, who revealed some small details about his upcoming story for Series 6. The most important notes he revealed about the episode were: “Now it all starts in void-space, with something – or someone – we have not seen since The War Games, and a knock on the TARDIS door…”

This has caused many fans to speculate that the returning “something” is the War Chief, who played an important role in the epic ten-part adventure The War Games. There has also been a picture posted online by Mark Gatiss of him wearing a moustache, which was titled “Return of the War Chief!”

All of this information combined has led to many fans believing that Mark Gatiss will be playing this role in Neil Gaiman’s episode for Series 6, despite Gatiss already having acted in Doctor Who when playing Richard Lazarus in Series 3. All of this is speculation at the moment, and has been denied by Mark Gatiss. However, the possibility of the War Chief returning is plausible.

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