Thursday, 2 September 2010

Mark Gatiss Writes for Series 6

It has been revealed that Mark Gatiss is writing an episode of Doctor Who for Series 6, after the director Richard Clark posted this news on Twitter. Clark previously directed ‘The Lazarus Experiment’ in Series 3, where Gatiss played the lead role.

When commenting about the story on Twitter, he said: “In the thick of Dr Who. New drafts coming along. Mark Gatiss story wonderful.” Clark also commented on Neil Gaiman’s script, saying: “Neil’s script read wonderfully. We’re on our way.”

It has been speculated that Richard Clark will direct both of these stories, and that they will be filmed in the same production block. He said that both of the scripts are “falling into place beautifully”, and that they will be some of the most anticipated stories of Series 6.

Thanks to 10thPlanet for the news.

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