Monday, 30 August 2010

The Sun Claim "Amy Pond Dies in Series 6"

The Sun newspaper has rumoured that Amy Pond will die at the end of the first half of Series 6, which could explain the dramatic cliffhanger that Steven Moffat had previously teased fans about.

However, The Sun is famous for getting Doctor Who news incorrect on a regular basis, so the likelihood of this story being true is small.


Vortex said...

Utter rubbish.

This 'story' will join the other stupidity churned out by that 'newspaper', including: "Dr Who to be axed in 2008", "Freema Agyeman sacked", "David Tennant to quit in series four" and "Matt Smith to quit".

Blink said...

Yeah, it does seem highly unlikely, especially considering she died at the end of The Pandorica Opens before.