Sunday, 27 June 2010

Overnight Viewing Figures

Overnight viewing figures for ‘The Big Bang’ show that the programme was watched by 5.1 million viewers, a very disappointing result for a series finale.

The share of the audience was 31%, and it was the second highest rated programme of the day. However, even if this figure increases by the usual 2 million, it will be nowhere near the 10 million viewers which watched the Series 4 finale in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Does it really matter that it isnt living up to the S4 Finale? Different episode, different Doctor's, different everything!

Plus it was on at 6:05pm, very sunny/warm day and sporting competition. Of course the figure is going to be down!!!

Its not the end of the series or disapointing. Many drama's shown in Who's timeslot would kill for these sort of ratings.

Vortex said...

Excactly 'Anonymous'!

You shouldn't be too negative about these viewing figures, Blink!


Blink said...

Yes, but Doctor Who should be aiming for much higher than 5 million on a finale. It's ratings have dropped this year - Fact!

Vortex said...

Well I read on a fansite that based on the first 10 episodes of every series, series 5 is in fact the second highest of all five series - FACT!

Not to mention over 1 million streams/downloads per epiosde on the BBC iPlayer!

Anonymous said...

Plus its hardly unfair to compare overnight figures with final figures.

And, series one finale got under 7 million for both episodes, it didn't end after series one now did it?

#6 said...

It should end up with circa 7 million. I agree in an absolute sense the overnights have clearly plunged, but it is the number one itunes download etc. and the BBC, despite approaching full retard levels of stupidity sometimes, are clearly aware that Doctor Who is a show or as they would have it a "brand" that's got legs.

Blink said...

Woah woah woah people! I'm not suggesting that the series is ending - it's not! I'm just saying that ratings have been lower than usual this series!

Dr Who has expanded since the first series, and should be getting better figures. I rest my case!