Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Matter of Time: The Sensorites

DOCTOR: William Hartnell
COMPANIONS: Jacqueline Hill, William Russell and Carole Ann Ford

STORY: The First Doctor and his companions land on a moving spaceship, where they find the majority of the crew dead. When two of the members regain consciousness, the TARDIS travellers discover that they are orbiting the Sense-Sphere, where the Sensorites refuse to let them leave the orbit…

• This episode is known for Susan’s use of telepathy, continuing the theme of her being an unusual girl with strange abilities.
• Designer Raymond Cusick used almost all curves in his sets for the Sense Sphere, feeling that this would give it a more alien look.
• The transmission of the third episode was postponed by one week, following the overrun of sports programme ‘Grandstand’.

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