Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Matter of Time: Utopia

DOCTOR: David Tennant
COMPANIONS: Freema Agyeman

STORY: The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones land at the end of the universe, after the immortal Captain Jack Harkness jumps onto the TARDIS before it dematerialises. But as the last of the human race sets out to their dream homeland of Utopia, the vicious Futurekind threaten to destroy the rocket. Who is the mysterious Professor Yana? And why does he hear drumming in his head?

• John Bell, who plays the character of Creet, was a nine year old who won a Blue Peter competition to appear in this episode.
• While walking through the Silo, The Doctor comments on how the human race has survived to the end of the universe, describing them as ‘indomitable’. This echoes a speech made by the Fourth Doctor in ‘The Ark in Space’.
• Derek Jacobi plays the fifth version of the Master which the Doctor has encountered on screen, and John Simm is the sixth. Coincidentally, the name ‘Mister Saxon’ which the Master uses is an anagram of ‘Master No. Six’.

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