Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Blink Review: The Lodger

No matter how hard I try, every week I seem to write paragraphs and paragraphs of information for my review. The reason for this is simple; there are so many brilliant scenes in every episode, which really deserve to be praised! ‘The Lodger’ was no exception, and followed on from the spectacular ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ last week.

The episode gets off to an interesting start when The Doctor is trapped on Earth, after being thrown out by the TARDIS, and is forced to lodge in a house owned by a pleasant man named Craig. This scene sets up the entire story and the unusual relationship between Craig and the Doctor, when his first line on meeting is ‘I love you’, intended to be said to Sophie.

James Corden and Daisy Haggard really excel in their roles as Craig and Sophie, making their obvious love for each other very realistic whilst funny, (before they realise that Matt Smith is spying on them – naughty Matt!) Speaking of ‘Naughty Matt’, I would like to confirm here that you do not see the Doctor’s – how should I phrase it? – manly instrument in the shower scene, and that he is in fact wearing boxers!

This shower scene was also a good flash-from-the-past, mimicking one of Jon Pertwee’s first scenes as the Third Doctor in ‘Spearhead from Space’, where he is seen singing in the shower of a hospital – and no, you didn’t see his manly instrument either. Another fan-pleasing moment was the revelation of what the spaceship actually looked like from the outside, which was highly reminiscent of the Jagaroth spaceship from ‘City of Death’.

As for bad points, I can’t think of any this week. Blimey, now I know I’m getting old! The only bizarre factor was that the winning Blue Peter TARDIS wasn’t shown, although it may appear in the finale. (Everything else is appearing in the finale!) Apart from that though, it was a faultless episode with a great cast, great writer, and –
dare I say it – great special effects! Time to open the Pandorica…

Rating: 5/5 stars

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