Monday, 31 May 2010

A Matter of Time: Silence in the Library

DOCTOR: David Tennant
COMPANION: Catherine Tate

STORY: The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arrive on a fifty-first century planet, simply known as ‘The Library’, after they are summoned by the psychic paper. However, they discover that the planet is completely empty of any humanoid life, despite the computer claiming that “a million million lifeforms” exist. Their only hope is to count the shadows…

• The role of Professor River Song was originally intended to have been played by Kate Winslet, before the production team thought of Alex Kingston.
• A number of the books that appear in the library were either written by former Doctor Who writers, or featured in previous episodes.
• Professor River Song asks the Doctor if he knows about the crash of the Byzantium, an event that would not occur until the Series 5 episode ‘The Time of Angels’.

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