Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Matter of Time: Inferno

DOCTOR: Jon Pertwee
COMPANION: Caroline John

STORY: The Third Doctor and Liz Shaw arrive at the ‘Inferno’ project, which aims to penetrate the Earth’s crust in order to abstract energy from the centre of the planet. However, they soon realise that not all is well at the project, as the machinery overloads and the staff begin to mutate. If the Doctor cannot warn the Brigadier in time, the Earth will erupt into a ball of fire…

• Don Houghton came to Terrence Dicks with an idea for the story, based on the real life Project Mohole, which was abandoned due to an unknown reason when drilling down into the Earth.
• Although Douglas Camfield was credited as being the director to all episodes, Barry Letts directed Episodes 3-7, after Camfield had a minor heart attack during filming.
• Roy Scammell performed the stunt where a mutated human is shot, and then falls to his death from the top of a cooling tower. At the time it was filmed, the fall was the highest fall ever performed by a British stuntman.

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