Friday, 23 April 2010

Series 5 Theme Tune Axed?

The new opening theme tune to Series 5 was revealed at the start of 'The Eleventh Hour', meaning that no reviewers were able to comment on the variation before transmission.

The new theme has had mixed reviews, with some fans absolutely dismissing Murray Gold’s latest version, and almost 100 viewers complaining to the BBC.

The latest trailer for ‘The Time of Angels’ includes the theme tune from 2007 at the end of the advert, suggesting that the BBC have decided to revert to the old theme. This has not been confirmed yet, but is very plausible considering that so many fans complained about the new variation, and that the previous trailers for this series had included the new tune.

To compare the theme tunes in trailers, follow the link to ‘Victory of the Daleks’ with the new version, and ‘The Time of Angels’ with the old version.

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