Friday, 23 April 2010

A Matter of Time: The Celestial Toymaker


Forty-four years ago today, the Doctor and his companions Dodo and Steven were fighting against the Celestial Toymaker, an eternal being of infinite power, who set games and traps for the unwary so that they would become his toys. This story starred William Hartnell as the first Doctor, Jackie Lane as Dodo Chaplet, and Peter Purves as Steven Taylor.

The Toymaker was meant to return in the Sixth Doctor story ‘The Nightmare Fair’, but this was cancelled when the series was put on hiatus. The story was later released as a novel in 1989, and as a Big Finish audio play in 2009. Working titles for this story included ‘The Toymaker’ and ‘The Trilogic Game’.

All episodes of this story, except for Episode 4, are missing from the BBC archives. William Hartnell was on holiday during the filming of episodes two and three. Pre-recordings of his voice were heard in Episode two, and Albert Ward was a hand double for scenes where the mostly invisible Doctor played the Trilogic Game throughout the story.

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