Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Doctor Who Seventh Doctor Action Figure

The official Forbidden Planet website has revealed that a single action figure of the Seventh Doctor will be released later this month, wearing his hat, cream jacket and umbrella as seen in ‘Time and the Rani’. The figure was previously released in an exclusive set with the white Imperial Dalek.

“Mercurial and highly moral, this Doctor would often despair at the cruelty and wastefulness he encountered across the galaxies. On a trip to America in 1999, he was accidentally gunned down by a street gang and taken to hospital, where the procedures taken to try and save him did the reverse and he seemingly died, only to regenerate within the hospital’s morgue…”

The new figure is now available to pre-order at the price of £14.99 from Forbidden Planet, and is expected to arrive at their warehouse on 13th December 2010.

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