Friday, 1 October 2010

Doctor Who 'Evacuation Earth' and 'Return to Earth' Screenshots

New screenshots from the upcoming Doctor Who games ‘Evacuation Earth’ and ‘Return to Earth’ have now been released by Amazon, and show how the various characters will look in the games. Both games are available to buy at the price of £25.91 from Amazon.

‘Evacuation Earth’ is designed for the Nintendo DS, and sees the Doctor and Amy arrive on Earth only hours before a Solar Storm is due to wipe out all life. Moments after their arrival, the TARDIS disappears and they embark on a mission to recover it, encountering Silurians and Daleks along the way.

‘Return to Earth’ is designed for the Nintendo Wii, and features the Doctor and his companion helping the starship Lucy Gray return to Earth. Along the way they unravel a sinister plot by the Cybermen, and prevent the Daleks from retrieving a dangerous Time Axis.


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