Saturday, 4 September 2010

'Time and the Rani' DVD Extras News

The DVD Company 2|Entertain have released details about the upcoming release of ‘Time and the Rani’, which will be available in the United Kingdom on 13th September 2010.

"Featuring Sylvester McCoy as the newly regenerated Seventh Doctor, this DVD features the Doctor’s battle with the evil Rani. After being attacked by the Rani, the TARDIS crash-lands on the mysterious planet Lakertya. On the floor of the console room, the Doctor begins his sixth regeneration..."

DVD Extras:

• Commentary – With Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford, and Pip and Jane Baker.
• The Last Chance Saloon – The story behind Doctor Who’s final chance.
• 7D FX – A look at how the special effects of the story were created.
• Helter-Skelter – The making of the first CGI Doctor Who title sequence.
• Lakertya – The original vision for the forest planet Lakertya.
• Hot Gossip – Kate O’Mara recalls the fun of filming with friends.
• On Location – A clip of behind-the-scenes from BBC Breakfast Time.
• Blue Peter – A clip of Sylvester McCoy’s first visit to the Blue Peter studio.
• Photo Gallery – Production photos from the original filming of the story.

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