Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book 2011 Interview

A small preview of ‘Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book 2011’ has been posted by SFX Magazine, which includes a revealing interview with Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat, who discusses the 2010 Christmas, the story-arc for Series 6, and the revelation of River Song’s true identity...

2010 Christmas Special: “This one’s incredibly Christmassy. That’s true of the previous ones but I wanted to go for broke. It’s easily the most Christmassy thing you’ll ever see. It’s a huge, sentimental, lovely, jeopardy-driven story. It’s the Christmas special I’d like to see. It’s like a compilation of every Christmas movie. A big Christmas treat. But that doesn’t mean it’s without scares, and that doesn’t mean it’s without heartbreak. It has genuine tragedy in it.”

Series 6 Story-Arc: “Nothing will be left hanging forever. Some things will be addressed relatively quickly. We’re going into the silence and what they [out italics] are… There’s been a sort of tradition, which I semi-followed through with the crack, of there just being a sort of meme through the series, and I think, actually, a bigger mystery and a bigger story is possible now. I’m going to handle it slightly differently next year.”

River Song’s Identity: “That’s absolutely coming. You’re going to find out very soon, and that means we have to do it next series, really… The critical thing here is I want to explain who she is, not explain away who she is. If you don’t deliver on most people’s expectations, and you just say, ‘Ooh, she’s a specially programmed android who believes she’s the Doctor’s wife,’ people will go, ‘That‘s a cheat.’ You can’t do that… It’s a really good story, and it’s sort of the story of next year.”

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