Tuesday, 3 August 2010

'The Seeds of Doom' Confirmed for Release

The DVD company 2|Entertain have confirmed that ‘The Seeds of Doom’ will be released in Region 2 (Europe) on 25th October 2010. The story stars Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.

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DanHarma said...

Great, thats an amazing story, its been lonnnng due a release! This year the average quality of the DVD releases was really poor, with some real clunkers coming out! Although including the seeds of doom, there are only two DWM top 25 stories left for release, I think- tSoD and terror of the zygons? :)

Blink said...

Yeah, the DVDs have been very poor this year as a whole.

The Space Museum, The Chase, The Time Monster, Underworld, The Horns of Nimon, The Creature from the Pit, and The Dominators are terrible!

Also, The Time of the Rani is out in September, and Revenge of the Cybermen is not a great story.