Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Matter of Time: Denis Carey

(03/08/1909 – 28/09/1986)

Denis Carey was a British actor who appeared in many film and television roles during his lifetime. Some of his most notable appearances include the popular ‘I, Claudius’ and ‘The Barchester Chronicles’, as well as three episodes of Doctor Who.

• Carey’s first role in Doctor Who was as Professor Chronotis in ‘Shada’, however this story was eventually cancelled halfway through production due to industrial action.
• He was then offered the role of the Keeper in the following year’s story ‘The Keeper of Traken’, which introduced the new companion Nyssa and saw the Master make a dramatic return after a long absence in the show.
• His final role in the show was as the Old Man in ‘Timelash’, just one year before his death in 1986.

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