Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Backstage at the Doctor Who Proms

The official Doctor Who website has been updated with photos of backstage at the Doctor Who proms, which were held at the Royal Albert Hall. It also includes quotes from children who either attended the prom or listened to it via BBC Radio 3.

Monika wrote in to the BBC website and said: “Even though I was sitting alone in front of a computer screen it felt so magical! It only took about 32 seconds and I was taken away by this wonderful music.”

Mark attended one of the Doctor Who concerts and then listened again online. “The live drama with the Doctor was absolutely brilliant! When the Doctor appeared in the middle of the arena, the crowd went crazy! Also the fact that the three main cast were on stage hosting was amazing! The monsters were awesome as were the Daleks on stage. And at the end when everyone thumped their feet on the floor, they all came back on stage which was amazing! It was so good I listened to the Radio 3 broadcast on iPlayer the next day!”


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