Saturday, 10 July 2010

A Matter of Time: The Time Meddler

DOCTOR: William Hartnell
COMPANIONS: Maureen O’Brien, Peter Purves

STORY: The First Doctor and Vicki are surprised when they discover Steven Taylor aboard the Tardis, having believed that they had previously left him on Mechanus. The new time-travelling team arrive in 1066 on the coast of Northumbria, where their arrival has been witnessed by a Monk who does not seem fazed by the materialisation. Who is the Monk, and what secret does he hold?

• This story is the first example in ‘Doctor Who’ of a ‘pseudo-historical’ story, where it uses a setting in the past for a story with many science fiction elements of the future.
• William Hartnell does not appear in Episode 2 as he was on holiday. A pre-taped recording of his voice is played when the Doctor is locked in a cell.
• The character of The Monk would make another surprise appearance on television in the epic ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’.

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Fran said...

A fine, fine episode. I love Hartnell's Doctor, and I wondered why he didn't appear in Episode 2. Now I know. Interesting posts, by the way. Keep up the good work!

Blink said...

Thanks Fran, always nice to hear positive feedback! :)