Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Matter of Time: Patrick Tull

(28/07/1941 – 23/09/2006)

Patrick Tull was an English stage, film and television actor of the twentieth century, who performed in a number of episodes of well known BBC television series in the 1960s, but was never a regular cast member. One of these performances was during Patrick Troughton’s last series on the show.

• Patrick Tull provided the voice for the robotic Krotons in Robert Holmes’ first Doctor Who script, simply titled ‘The Krotons’.
• He also appeared in the very popular show ‘Z-Cars’, a programme about a police force in Newtown, which many other Doctor Who actors have appeared in.
• In May 2005, just over a year before his death, Tull narrated the debut performance of jazz composer and trombonist Ron Westray’s ‘Chivalrous Misdemeanours’.

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