Friday, 18 June 2010

A Matter of Time: Roger Delgado

(01/03/1918 – 18/06/1973)

Roger Delgado was an English actor, despite having a Belgian mother and Spanish father, who was best known for his role of The Master in Doctor Who. He was a very popular actor in television, having appeared in many famous productions such as ‘Quatermass II’ in 1955.

• Delgado began work on playing the First Master in late 1970, with his first broadcast appearance being in ‘Terror of the Autons’ in 1971.
• The Master’s story arc was to have ended in ‘The Final Game’, which was planned as the final story to feature Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, but the story was scrapped following Delgado’s sudden death.
• Roger Delgado died during the shooting of the film ‘Bell of Tibet’ in Turkey, when the chauffeur-driven car in which he was travelling went off the road into a ravine.

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