Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Matter of Time: Last of the Time Lords

DOCTOR: David Tennant
COMPANIONS: Freema Agyeman

STORY: The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones face some of the hardest decisions of their lives, after the Master has conquered the Earth and enslaved its population. He holds the aged Doctor prisoner, and prepares warships for a new Time Lord Empire. Now it is up to Martha Jones to carry out the Doctor’s plan and save the universe…

• The unseen person who picks up The Master’s ring was actually production manager Tracie Simpson, although it would later be revealed that the character was a disciple of The Master.
• Earth is referred to as Sol 3, the third planet from the star Sol, as it was in ‘The Deadly Assassin’.
• “Last of the Time Lords” was a subtitle proposed at one stage for a film version of Doctor Who that was in development from 1987 to 1994, but never produced.

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