Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Matter of Time: Blink

DOCTOR: David Tennant
COMPANION: Freema Agyeman

STORY: The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones are left stranded in 1969, having been transported by the Weeping Angels, stone statues which can only move when they are not being watched. Sally Sparrow is the time-travelling team’s only chance, by activating the TARDIS console and trapping the Angels in a fixed position. Whatever you do, don’t blink…

• The story of ‘Blink’ is loosely based on Steven Moffat’s own Ninth Doctor short story from the Doctor Who Annual 2006, called “‘What I Did on My Christmas Holidays’ by Sally Sparrow”.
• Hettie MacDonald is the first female director of a Doctor Who episode since the Sixth Doctor story ‘The Mark of the Rani’, which was directed by Sarah Hellings.
• In Doctor Who Magazine’s 2009 poll to find the greatest Doctor Who story ever made, ‘Blink’ came in the second overall place, losing out on the top place to ‘The Caves of Androzani’.

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