Friday, 11 June 2010

A Matter of Time: Bad Wolf

DOCTOR: Christopher Eccleston
COMPANIONS: Billie Piper, John Barrowman

STORY: The Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness find themselves trapped in the Games Station, also known as Satellite 5, where they must battle to survive the cruel games. But when Rose is taken away, the Doctor realises that his oldest and deadliest enemies are controlling the games. Prepare for extermination en masse…

• The point-of-view angle of a Dalek menacing Rose echoes the shot of how the Daleks were first shown in 1963, when approaching Barbara at the episode’s cliffhanger.
• Captain Jack and the Doctor are sentenced to the Lunar Penal Colony, the same place as the Third Doctor was sent to in ‘Frontier in Space’.
• The Doctor’s final line of the episode is “I'm coming to get you”, mimicking Davina McCall’s announcement before contestants are evicted from the Big Brother house.

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