Sunday, 23 May 2010

Overnight Viewing Figures

Overnight viewing figures for ‘The Hungry Earth’ show that the programme was watched by 4.5 million viewers, the lowest figure in the revived series.

The share of the audience was 32.2%, with ‘Over the Rainbow’ coming first with 6.2 million viewers for the results show. Doctor Who was the fifth most watched programme of the day, and not in its usual first or second position.

Final figures will be released next week, and will include those who recorded the programme to go out and enjoy the nice weather. The lowest confirmed figure for the revived series so far is 6.1 million, for ‘The Satan Pit’ in a hot June 2006.

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VORTEX said...

it was a great story, reall classic episode - the best so far - i think

Blink said...

Yeah, I agree. Shame that the weather meant a very low audience figure.