Monday, 31 May 2010

Monster Watch: The Pandorica Opens

This leaked picture of the finale confirms that the rumoured storyline about multiple monsters returning is true. As well as the enemies seen in this photo, many other foes have been rumoured to return, including the other coloured Daleks.

The photo includes:

• Cyberman – front left
• Hoix – middle left
• Roboform – middle left
• Supreme Dalek – back left
• Sontaran – far back left
• The Doctor – centre
• Roman Soldiers – centre
• Judoon – back right
• Sontaran – far back right

Can you spot any more?

1 comment:

Dalek1099 said...

Their is another roman soldier next to the new sontaran and between the old sontaran and the judoon their looks to be a sontaran with its helmet off but its too small to be certain