Friday, 21 May 2010

A Matter of Time: The Empty Child

DOCTOR: Christopher Eccleston
COMPANION: Billie Piper

STORY: The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler chase a dangerous object through the time vortex, which takes them to London in the Blitz. Upon arrival, they meet up with the elegant Captain Jack Harkness, a time agent from the fifty-first century, and discover terrible secrets about the fallen object. A mysterious child walks the streets at nights, with only one question: Are you my mummy?

• The scene where Rose is carried away on a barrage balloon by a rope is historically inaccurate, as the World War II balloons were actually tethered by steel cables to winches in the ground, and not by ropes.
• The original cut of the episode featured a sound of Dr Constantine’s skull cracking as his face changes into a gas mask, but this was considered too horrific.
• In the Torchwood episode ‘Everything Changes’, it is said that Captain Jack Harkness failed to report for duty and disappeared on 21st January 1941, suggesting that this is when the story takes place.

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Brad said...

This was a really good episode, the 9th Doctor's era was very dark yet very funny. We need more episodes like this now.

Blink said...

Thanks for the comment.