Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Matter of Time: Colony in Space


Thirty-nine years ago today, the Doctor and his companion Jo were sent by the Time Lords to the desert planet of Uxarieus. Although the Doctor was exiled by his people, they realised that he was the only one man who could help them, and the human colonists living on the new world. This story starred Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant.

Working titles for this story included ‘Colony’, before it was extended to ‘Colony in Space’. Script Editor Terrance Dicks frequently stated that he disliked the original idea of the Doctor being trapped on Earth, and tried to scrap this plan as soon as possible. Malcolm Hulke pointed out that this format limited the stories to only alien invasions and mad scientists.

A novelisation of this story, written by Malcolm Hulke, was published by Target Books with the title ‘Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon’. This was the first story of the eighth series to be adapted in a book. As a result, Hulke breaks the continuity by having Jo Grant introduced to the Doctor for the first time, even though on television her introduction was in ‘Terror of the Autons’.

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