Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Blink Review: Where the Freakish Creatures Play

The third story of the online Doctor Who series, ‘Where the Freakish Creatures Play’, sees the Doctor and Florence arrive on Finisterre, a distant desert planet, where one man and one child walk across the world, remembering when the Doctor destroyed their civilisation...

Daniel Harma once again pulls off an amazing script in his series, full of unique plot twists and great character personalisation, which strongly add to the realism of the drama. The idea of the Doctor killing an entire planet, through no real fault of his own, is a very powerful one indeed, and allows his character to develop in this story as he faces some very tough decisions.

The only disappointment in the script was the large argument between the Doctor and Florence at the end, which seemed unnecessary and spoilt the great chemistry that had been between the two characters. This could have been fine if there had been longer lasting consequences, but Florence seemed to go from hating the Doctor to forgiving him seconds later, without much regard for the terrible words he had said to her.

However, the ingenious plot ideas and clever use of time travel made up for this small criticism, and overall this was another brilliant story, that could easily have appeared in David Tennant’s era of Doctor Who. Daniel Harma has created a wonderful series, with stories of the highest quality in terms of plot, action, emotion and humour, and for that he should be very proud.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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