Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Blink Review: Palimpsest

After months of anticipation building up since the pilot episode in October, last weekend saw the arrival of the first full series of scripts featuring the tenth Doctor, specially created by Daniel Harma.

The first episode was written by Daniel Harma and Robert Theggers, and features the Doctor meeting Florence in the New Human Empire, where they must work together to defeat the League of Shadows’ plot. The strongest of relationships really can start anywhere; even on a balcony…

‘Palimpsest’ is a perfect start to a new series, filled with an exciting and engaging storyline that contains all the emotions, and persuades the viewer to carry on reading. The characters are well realised in the story, with the tenth Doctor loving every minute of the danger that they endure, and often making humorous remarks, which really manages to capture his charming and witty character.

Although the plot is fairly simple, in order to allow the introduction of the new characters, the script contains many clever techniques which link the smallest of details from the beginning of the episode to the dramatic climax at the end, in particular the video cassette of Florence which ends up being the key to saving the world. This is a gift that only the greatest writers can achieve, and shows that the tenth Doctor can live on in the safe hands of Daniel Harma.

Rating: 5/5 stars

To read ‘Palimpsest’, visit Doctor Who Script Series 4b

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Dalek1099 said...

Daniel Harma should be very proud could you review my episodes ?