Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Blink Review: Mortal Eclipsed

The second episode of the online Doctor Who series, ‘Mortal Eclipsed’, features the Doctor and Florence arriving in Manhattan in 1953. However, they soon realise that not all is well, as this America is different to the one they know.

It’s a country ruled by superheroes and terrorised by caped villains. It’s a country where the cold war never existed. It's a country with a deadly secret that could ruin society as we know it...

‘Mortal Eclipsed’ is another brilliant piece of work, which really demonstrates Daniel Harma’s excellent skill of being able to take a simple idea, and transform it into a complex storyline, full of wonderful friendships and painful heartbreaks. The world he creates is truly beautiful, and makes the reader wish that they were there, fighting the battles and living the excitement.

This episode also sees the introduction of The Moth, whose heroic character is written so well that you can really empathise with him. The speech about life between him and The Doctor is very emotional, and shows how lucky we are to live in a beautiful world full of friendships, while at the same time explaining to The Moth that as long as we have love, we must also have hate. Another superb script!

Rating: 5/5 stars

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