Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Matter of Time: Planet of the Daleks


Thirty-seven years ago today, the Doctor and his companion Jo landed on the deadly planet of Spiridon, where they had to fight against carnivorous plants, a planetary core of molten ice, invisible inhabitants, and most frightening of all, a new army of Daleks. This story starred Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant.

Although the story was originally commissioned as ‘Planet of the Daleks’, the title was changed to ‘Destination: Daleks’ during production, before reverting to the previous title. The Dalek Supreme was a modified prop from the film ‘Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD’, that had been given to Terry Nation. The eye stalk has been replaced with a conventional torch, which flashes when it speaks.

The cliffhanger to Episode Four was originally going to feature the Daleks murdering all of the Thals, however the BBC bosses considered this as being too violent. The Daleks in this story rely on gravitational disks to levitate. In the later story ‘Revelation of the Daleks’, they are shown as able to properly fly.

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