Friday, 19 March 2010

A Matter of Time: Adrift


Two years ago today, the Torchwood team began their eleventh adventure of the second series, starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper. It was broadcast by BBC Three on 19th March 2008, and repeated on BBC Two on 21st March 2008. It was also available as an edited version, in order for a younger audience to be able to enjoy the Doctor Who spin-off series.

Jonah Bevan is walking home late at night across the Cardiff Bay Barrage, when suddenly a bright light appears in the sky. Moments later, he has disappeared without a trace. Gwen begins to investigate the disappearance of Jonah, along with her old police colleague PC Andy Davidson. Jack tells Gwen that nothing can be done to help, and orders her to stop the investigation, which she refuses to do.

Her research leads her to a facility on Flat Holm, which harbours seventeen people who have gone missing. It is revealed that the rift had taken these people, and had subsequently brought them back, including Jonah. However, he has aged by forty years and is very deformed.

Gwen brings Nikki, Jonah's mother, to the organisation on Flat Holm to see him. At first she is horrified, believing it to be a cruel joke, but Jonah starts telling her things that only he would know. Nikki calms and they hug for a moment, but Jonah begins screaming, a scream so ghastly that everyone flees. Gwen reveals that the scream lasts for twenty hours every day, because he looked into the heart of a Dark Star, which drove him insane.

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