Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Blink Review: 2010 Voc Robot Figure

After the very successful classic Doctor Who figures released in 2008, including eight brand new models from past adventures, and a collect-and-build part in each set, people were anticipating great things from this second wave.

It is therefore surprising that Character Options only decided to release six new figures in this wave, and no collect-and-build part is included in any set. It is even more surprising that one of the six figures is a variant on the robot figure that had already been released in two different versions.

The 2010 figure from ‘The Robots of Death’ is in exactly the same shape and style as the previous two, albeit it is painted in the green ‘Voc Robot’ colour, instead of the silver and black versions which had already been released.

The other main difference to the previous figures is that the eyes of this robot light up red. In order for the effect to work correctly, the top of the robot’s head has to be facing towards a source of light, as there is a red transparent hole which allows the light to pass through the head and out the eyes. The negative of this is that the red hole on top takes away from the realism of the figure.

Rating: 6/10

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